When Surgery For Your Pet Is The Best Option

Pets are a common sight in many households across Australia, and they're not just cats or dogs (although those are the most popular). Birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and even larger animals like horses and goats can be kept as pets, along with a myriad of more exotic animals. No one likes to see their pet suffering, so if your pet is struggling with one of the following problems, they should be taken to a vet surgery as soon as possible. 

Breathing Or Eating Affected

If you notice that your pet's breathing or eating is badly affected, then you should get them to a vet surgery right away. A common problem with pets, especially with cats, dogs and other smaller animals, is their accidental swallowing or eating of something that is not food. Pens, keys, paper, coins, batteries and more are all commonly eaten by curious pets, and this can really affect their breathing and eating, which are two vital areas they can't function properly without. Don't expect that they will just pass the item either as often it can remain in them for a long time if not removed through vet surgery.


You may not have realised this, but cancer is common in animals, with different species being more prone to different types. Skin cancer is rampant, but your pet could also get more nefarious cancers like kidney, liver and even bone. If there is an option to remove the cancer through vet surgery, then you should take it because cancer will severely affect your pet's enjoyment of life. In some cases where the cancer has spread unnoticed, it can be humane to simply manage the animal's pain before you put it down. That is why it is so important you have regular check-ups with your vet so as to not miss any signs of cancer.

Dental Surgery

Your pet's teeth often bear the brunt of badly judged adventures, and in serious cases, their activities can break teeth and bones and scratch their gums up. If your pet stops eating or seems reluctant to drink, then they could have serious pain in their mouth they are trying to hide. An animal's mouth can be vitally important to their overall wellbeing as they use it much more than humans do. Without their mouth functioning properly, they can lose a lot of weight and get sick quickly. A vet surgery can deal with dental problems including realignment, dental implants and the securing of broken jaws.