Why Your Pet Needs an Annual Checkup at the Animal Hospital

Being a parent to a furry loved one means making sure that their health is just as much of a priority to you as your health would be. Pets, in particular, need special attention since they cannot communicate with you when they are under the weather. Thus, a minor ailment that could have easily been resolved at the onset could end up being a life threatening condition. Irrespective of this, it is still not uncommon to find some pet owners only taking their animals to the hospital when it is an emergency. This approach may seem pocket-friendly, but in truth, you could be shortening your pet's life expectancy. The following article highlights the main reasons why your pet needs an annual checkup at the animal hospital.

To receive immunisations as needed

You may be under the assumption that once your pup or kitten gets their baby vaccines, they do not require any more for the duration of their life. The truth is that there could be a disease outbreak and you are unaware of this because you are not taking your pet for their routine checkups. It is advisable to visit the animal hospital at least once a year so that the vet can update you on whether there are new vaccines that should be administered or if there is a disease going around that your pet's health would need to be guarded against.

To protect against parasitic infestations

No matter how hands on you are with your pet, you cannot avoid parasitic infestations at one point or another. From ingesting tapeworms to harbouring ticks, there are a vast range of critters that will find your pet's body quite habitable. Your local vet can carry out tests to determine if any organisms are living in your pet's body and have them removed before your pet's health starts to decline.

To ensure they have a healthy diet

Considering that pets do not have to scavenge for food, their owners tend to be confident that their animals are eating a healthy diet. However, just because you are putting out a specific type of food for your pet does not mean they are getting the nutrition that they need. Some pets may be putting on excessive weight, and this can cause long-term damage to their wellness. A vet would be able to assess their diet and recommend changes that would put them back to a healthy weight. Conversely, your pet may have developed a nutritional deficiency such as anaemia and require supplements incorporated into their diet. Having a scheduled checkup with your local vet would boost the overall wellness of your furry friend.